Previous Clients


Brash Isaac
Simon Murphy
Damien Brennan
Andy Patterson
Green Pastures Worship
Crosshair Kid
Barazina Choir
James Connor
New Ancestors
Andrew Johnston
Joe Rocks
Braam Ackerman
Holywell Choir
Lofty Heights
Goodbye Pluto
Charlene Law
Born Only Yesterday
The Music Rooms
Paper Man
Lorcan Falls
The Coves
Picture The Sound
Pilot Finds Parachute
So Long Lisa
The Fundamentals
Stephen McGall
The Big Grizzly

Michael has also worked with:

Belfast Community Gospel Choir
Callum Stewart
African Children’s Child
Sara Crockett
Joanne Hogg
Jody Has A Hitlist
Fran Classic
States and Empires
Amy Gardiner
Jason Clarke
Owen McGarry
Silje Kjelsrud
Camilla Nettum

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