Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

The most common question I get asked is about my rates. I haven’t made these public because every project is different so having a generic cost for a song or day may not reflect your requirements. For example charging the same price for an acoustic solo artists and a 5-piece rock band with 3 vocalists just doesn’t make sense. However I am more than happy to take the time to chat about what you want to achieve and put together costs from there. Just give me a call on my mobile or drop me an email. Ultimately I want every artist that records with me to feel incredibly proud of how their song sounds which is why I take this approach.

If you are just looking for quote from me then please send as much of the information below as you can and I will be happy to send one or two pricing options:

  • The number of songs you would like to record
  • A link to your artist/band page
  • A demo or live recording of the track(s) you are looking to record (doesn’t matter if it’s just a phone recording) if possible
  • How much recording experience you have
  • The number of members in band and instrumentation
  • Any additional players required

What Can You Do For Me As A Producer?

As your producer it is my job to oversee your whole project making sure that every recorded is high quality and well performed. I will ensure that the final product sounds the best it can be and really compliments your song. I really love the creative/writing process and am happy to contribute with structure and melody ideas where required.

Do You Offer Discounts For Larger Bookings?

Absolutely! Spending more time in the studio working on your track(s) will serve the song and ultimately producer a much better recording so it is always highly recommended. In turn you will get a discounted rate for doing so. If you need advice about how long you think you should spend then get in touch as I am happy to answer any questions whether you have decided to book with me or not.

How Do I Prepare For The Studio

When you book at session at Subzero I will run through everything you might need before coming in but it is good to have an idea before consider where you are looking to record. Below are my recommendations on what to have before going into the studio:

  • Have your song well rehearsed. Sounds obvious but you would be surprised at the amount of bands that aren’t rehearsed enough before they come into the studio
  • Work out the BPM of the track. You don’t have to record to click track but it adds a whole new level of tightness when recording in the studio and a lot of the time it can actually sound more natural which might sound crazy!
  • A demo of your song. Anything from a phone recording taken during a practice to a full multi track recording. Quality doesn’t matter as this is just to give me a vibe for the song before we get started.

What If I’m A Solo Artist and/or Need Session Musicians

Bringing session musicians in for your project wont be an issue. I have a great network of session musicians including drummers, bassists, guitarists, trumpet players, backing vocalists and many more. I’m a proficient guitarist myself and can lay down some parts if needed. Just make sure to discuss your session requirements when booking so players can be arranged where needed.

What Are Your Working Hours?

Generally I would work from 9/10am till about 6/7pm but I can flexible where needed. 9 to 5 doesn’t really exist for musicians!

Do You Use Live Instruments or MIDI

A lot of people ask this one. It isn’t really a yes or no answer as it is completely dependant on the needs of the project. Generally organic sounds are much richer and are much more pleasing to listen to but there have been plenty of occasions that a MIDI instrument worked great on a song. Also genre plays a large role in that as well.

What Way Does Payment Work

To confirm your booking I will ask for a 10% non-refundable deposit, then another 40% on the first day of the project. The final 50% wont be paid until the production is finished and you are happy with your track(s).

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